TransformatLab wraps up

And Goodbye! What a blast!

The final TransformatLab has now come to an end, with the participants pitching amazing projects to our panels this week (September 1-5, 2014) and receiving excellent feedback. We wish them all well with their travel app, transmedia training programme and new spin on children's activity book and app. You can see the photos from the lab here

Applications received from new countries in 2014


We are very excited to have received brilliant applications from across the EU for this year's Transformatlab, which will be partnering with Sheffield DocFest Interactive for the first time in 2014. Applications have come in from across the piste, but with first time applications from Portugal, Latvia and the Czech Republic.

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What is the impact of TransformatLab on our 27 alumni?

So far our research shows that 87% of our participants either:

  • Were successful in finding a new job as a direct result
  • Created a new project which is still in development or has gone into production
  • Is currently collaborating on new projects with the networks developed during the lab
  • Decided to do further research in crossmedia or attend more MEDIA training or travel

"TFL helped me develop the skillset and diverse thinking approach I use on a daily basis during my job as a strategist at Vice Media, the leading global youth media company. Coming up with innovative ways of engaging audiences is my daily bread and TFL has paved the way for me to understand the full spectrum of what this means - from the technological challenges in the start-up industry to the legal implication of IP. Furthermore TFL has provided a wide network of friends and professionals, which I cultivate and maintain to date."

TFL at Berlinale

TransformatLab co-hosted a reception at the Berlinale in February 2014 to bring together industry, trainers, alumni of both schemes and offer a chance for those with an interest in applying to find out more. Attended by 30 people from 17 countries.

Spanish participant's write up of this year's TransformatLab

"My experience and advice learned during this fantastic course on transmedia. If you are interested in submitting your application to this training program and you just graduated and European citizen, you can contact with Hannah  for more information. Do not miss it!" Pep Jove Company

To read Pep's write up in English click here.

To read Pep's write up in Spanish click here.

A round-up of the 2013 lab

"A fantastic experience with very interesting, wide range of subjects, brilliant masterclasses, great hospitality from each of the host countries and a very friendly atmosphere. A rare opportunity to work and develop projects with talented professionals from various backgrounds in media." Tamas Tatai, participant in 2013

To read more about the final week of the lab click here

Channel 4 confirm development funding for 2nd and 3rd year of TransformatLab programme


Channel 4 have today confirmed potential project development funding for the TransformatLab projects devised by participants in 2013 and 2014.

Following Channel 4’s involvement with the initial TransformatLabs in 2011 and 2012 the broadcaster has today confirmed potential project development funding for the TransformatLab projects devised by participants in 2013 and 2014.

Following their commitment to the scheme in 2011 and 2012, Jody Smith, Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Comedy & Entertainment at Channel 4 has confirmed continuity of a potential fund for development of the projects created during the lab.

Channel 4 will offer potential development funds to a suitable proposal from the 2013 and 2014 participants, who will be pitching their ideas to industry guests this September.

The funding available will be from £2,000-£20,000 and Jody will be taking part in the feedback panel on September 5th at the University of South Wales’ Atrium campus.

“New ideas are the lifeblood of Channel 4, and we’re driven by a need to reinvent programmes to satisfy the ever-changing demands of our audience.” said Jody.

“We’re pleased to support TransformatLab, which brings together creative people from across Europe to collaborate on what will hopefully be the future of cross-platform storytelling.”

To date, 24 people from 9 European countries have participated in the EU MEDIA-funded lab, where they have engaged with 34 industry practitioners, visited studios such as Aardman, BBC Wales, Rubber Republic; innovative Hungarian studios Kitchen Budapest and Carnation Group, leading French digital agencies Dagobert and Upian and more.

Of the projects developed in the lab, 50% have now gone into production, with all graduates of the scheme stating that the training has influenced their projects in development or directly led to new jobs.

TFLab and Filmteractive


We like the look of this event / market / conference in Lodz, Poland

A two-day international event devoted to the audiovisual and digital content – second screen, interactive film, branded content, and crossmedia/transmedia. 

Filmteractive is the meeting place where filmmakers, interactive directors, artists, marketers, and potential investors may network and exchange their professional know-how. 

The event consists of: Filmteractive Conference, Filmteractive Market, Filmteractive Workshops, and Filmteractive Festival with non-commercial audiovisual artist showcases. Our target group includes: 

Film branch – creators and producers pitching their A/V works, looking for potential investors and partners

Interactive branch – digital companies, portals and VOD services interested in purchasing the presented video, digital, and other new media projects; content creators, interactive directors and other new media producers

Investors willing to finance presented A/V works

Media looking for new content 

Advertising branch interested in using video art

Marketers interested in expanding their business contacts

TFL and Transmedia Next team up!

Transmedia Next are empowering the current and next generation of storytellers with the skills to expand their stories beyond a single screen and across multiple platforms. "We are training media professionals to tell stories that more accurately reflect the way audiences enjoy content, across a broader range of devices and locations, and with higher levels of engagement than ever before."

Transmedia Next London is an annual flagship training event, taking place 17-19th July 2013. Trainers include Anita Ondine, Lance Weiler, Nick Fortugno and Paula Le Dieu.

More here

Looking forward to week 1 of the 2013 lab

Bulgaria, Lithuania, France, Spain, Hungary, Finland and Belgium will be represented in Wales during the first week of the TransformatLab training programme this June (10-15 June).

The programme, which is co-ordinated by the Media Academy Wales and partners MOME in Hungary and Gobelins in France, will offer skills in multiplatform project development to the individuals who are all working in the creative media industries across the EU.


More here

Applications closed for 2013

We are happy people - applications have been received from amazing graduates from 14 countries including many of new ones like Finland, Norway, Lithuania and Bulgaria.

Decisions regarding the lucky 9 participants will be made on the 12th of March, with labs taking place between June and September.

Back soon with details of the class of 2013!

Speakers confirmed for first week of the Lab

Pleased to announce that Kevin Moss of Playthisnext and Matt Locke of Storythings will both be taking part as speakers at the first week of TransformatLab in Newport in June.

Matt Locke has worked in digital media for over 15 years, including 7 years as Head of Innovation at BBC New Media, were he led many ground-breaking open data projects, including Backstage, Innovation Labs, and the BBC/Yahoo Hackday. He then went to Channel 4 in 1997 to lead their Education dept, commissioning crossplatform projects for 14-19 yr olds, including the double-Emmy winning Before leaving Channel 4 to start Storythings, he was Head of Multiplatform, running the team that developed projects including Million Pound Drop, Big Brother, Skins and Misfits.

TransformatLab at Berlin Film Festival

Will you be attending the Berlin International Film Festival this February?

We'll be there on the 11th and 12th, to host a networking event and do the rounds of the EFM.

If you would like to know more about the Lab please contact Hannah to arrange a meeting.

Deadline for applications is 1st March 2013.

Applications for 2013 launched at Graz conference

Interested in taking part in the TransformatLab in 2013?

We launched the call for applications on the 23rd of November at an international conference in Graz, Austria.

While in Graz at the European Academy of Digital Media Conference, we presented information about the Lab.

Deadline for applications is 1st March 2013.

TFl 2012 project goes live!

Xhibitor, developed during the TransformatLab by Julia Fryett, has gone live.

XHIBITOR is a multiplatform research project investigating transmedia and art exhibitions. An experiment in open access academic publishing, this is the master’s degree dissertation.

Ebook, database, toolkits and visual maps.

Film of the 2012 lab's first week online

Watch the new film from week 1 of the 2012 Lab on the home page...

And read Oriane's new French blogs about week 2 here and week 3 here

If you would like to have more information about the lab on our ebulletins or facebook our contact details are available here

Best photos of the TFL 2012 lab online

We had a great lab in 2012 with 3 successful pitches.

The winners of the prize to attend Power to the Pixel were the Tasty team, Oriane Hurard, Camille Lemaire and Camille Lequenne.

To get a flavour of the lab in pictures click on this

Visits to Bristol studios confirmed

We are really excited to be returning to Aardman Animations again this year, but also to be visiting two new studios in Bristol for the first time.

Rubber Republic and Pervasive Media Studio will open their doors to our TFLabbers for an insight into the projects they are developing and their modus operandi.We'll also be hearing from Dan Efergan, Creative Director Digital from Aardman who will share the "Ten Things We've Learnt About Multi-platform".

Pitching Panelist confirmed

Right, down to business.

The participants of this year's lab will be pitching their new multiplatform projects to the following industry types:

Kevin Moss, playthisnext (pictured)
Erica Wolfe Murray, Lola-Media
Pablo Nunez from Chile/Netherlands,
Louise Brown, Channel 4 Multiplatform
Tishna Molla, Power to the Pixel
David Banner, Wales Interactive
Mark Johnson, Sequence

Find out how they got on later in September!

Transformatlab returns to Wales

TransformatLab has returned to Wales this week.

Nine European creative graduates selected for this year’s intensive cross-platform development training scheme are refining their projects and preparing to pitch them to Channel 4, Power to the Pixel (Tishna Molla pictured) and others.

To reas the full story click here

The projects in development in 2012

The projects in development in 2012...

The Heaven Project is an interactive music video, with multiple points of view, involving a fun way of considering gender stereotypes – based on the music of Heaven Aquarius. More broadly, the project of Dan Cripps and Selim Gungor is to design a storytelling tool that could then be used with any other audiovisual content. Their music video will be a prototype to demonstrate how the new interactive tools such as HTML5 can be used in an innovative and creative way.

Exhibitor is a proxy transmedia project in the form of a platform of online resources which allow professionals to discover and design exhibitions of cross-platform projects. The first phase of the project is for Julia Fryett to develop a database of innovative projects, especially those interacting with physical and virtual spaces.

Proposed by Manja Lekic, François Morisset and Marina Roel, the collaborative art project Story of  is trying to change the way that one deals with everyday objects by asking the public to create through different creative forms (video, photography, dance, sculpture, text, ...) their own representation of an object. Story of will gather the work together to create a work-synthesis which can take several forms (website, film, e-publications and paper book)

Finally, Tasty is a gourmet and urban game, which aims to rediscover the culinary secrets and places of your city. The Gastronomic Paris was chosen by Camille Lemaire, Camille and Oriane Lequenne Hurard to serve as a starting point for this ARG blithely mixing treasure hunting and cooking contests, greedy puzzles and Foursquare.

Participants to pitch to the leaders in French crossplatform production


TransformatLab participants will have the enviable opportunity to pitch their projects and received feedback from 8 members of the French crossplatform higher echelons.

As part of the third week of the 2012 lab, Gobelins L'ecole de L'image have invited a group of industry professionals to hear about the projects in development.

On Thursday, the 12th of July, the following people will attend the Lab...

Voyelle ACKER, France Télévisions (pictured)
Mathilde NATIER, faberNovel Paris
Olivier MISSIR, Brandcasterz
Arnaud COLINART, AGAT Films et Cie / Ex Nihilo
Claire LEPROUST, Groupe CAPA
Julien AUBERT, Bigger than fiction
Jérémy POUILLOUX, Producteur associé
Pierre Cattan, Small Bang

Oriane Hurard blogs about week 1 (in French)



"Just another reunion dedicated to transmedia and all its derivitives? Not exactly."

"The scheme is well-placed at the meeting point between professional events such as Cross Video Days or Power to the Pixel and other "showcase" events like  Futur en Seine or the final show of TIU."

Read Oriane's blog here

(pic: TFL participants on the Newport riverfront)

2012 Participants announced

Following a rigorous selection process, where we looked at the 30 applications received this year from 14 countries, the TransformatLab team have now announced the 9 participants taking part.

From an eclectic mix of backgrounds and interests, the common factor for all those on this year's lab is an avid interest in developing new contacts across Europe and taking part in the instigation and development of 3 crossplatform projects.

The participants, from France, Germany, UK, US and Serbia, who are all residents in the EU, will be meeting each other for the first time in Newport in June, where they will take part in workshops and masterclasses before being selected for three teams with one person focusing on creative and technical development, one on business and another on project management.

To meet the participants click here

(Image: Manja Lekic from Serbia who is studying in Budapest)

TFL gears up to welcome 2012 participants to Wales


The nine European creative graduates selected for this year’s TransformatLab, the second in the series of intensive cross-platform development labs, will be travelling from far and wide to attend the first week of the scheme on Monday (11th June 2012).

As the first week draws near, the coordinators of the scheme, Skillset Media Academy Wales and the EU partners Universities (Gobelins, Paris, MOME, Budapest and University of Wales, Newport) have confirmed the line-up of special industry guests who will be taking part in the 4 months of labs.

New guest speakers this year include Kim Plowright, who will be delivering a budgeting and scheduling masterclass. Kim has been working for 12 years on projects where the internet, games and 'old' media fight like excitable kittens in a sack. She's produced/project managed Pepys Road for Storythings/Faber and Dreams of Your Life for Hide&Seek/Film4 and she has also worked on the cross-platform elements for the first series of Misfits for E4, Superme, Routesgame and a treasure hunt for the band Muse.

Other speakers include:

Percy Emmett, NESTA
Tishna Molla, Power to the Pixel
Louise Brown, Channel 4
Iain Tweedale, BBC
Aled Walters, MLM Cartwright Solicitors
Frank Boyd, Unexpected Media
Balázs Serényi, Visual Minds, Budapest
Bence Samu, MOME, Budapest
Balazs Bodo, Budapest University
Antoine Visonneau, OODA, Paris
Juan Estupinan, Wigoo, Paris

Tishna Molla's session will be open to other attendees - please click here for more information.

The participants will also take part in a development workshops with their mentors: Adam Smith, Richard Hurford, Andy Smith and Corrado Morgana from Newport; Agoston Nagy and Zsofia Ruttkay from Budapest and David Tardiveau from Paris.

"I am really excited about attending the first week of TranformatLab," said Francois Morriset. "From looking at the schedule and the profile of  the speakers and participants, it is gonna be an amazing week!"

"I'm looking forward to meet people who are working on this industry to learn how a real project is created, managed and released," said Camille Lemaire. "And I'm very excited about the projects we are going to do, because we are all coming from different backgrounds so we will have a lot to share."

Image: Tishna Molla, Power to the Pixel


Channel 4 UK support TransformatLab 2012

Following Channel 4's involvement with the first TransformatLab in 2011 and Head of Multi-platform Commissioning Louise Brown's participation on the final pitching panel, Louise has confirmed a potential fund for development of the projects created in 2012.
Channel 4 will offer potential development funds to a suitable proposal from the 2012 participants, who will be pitching their ideas this September. 
The funding available will be from £2,000-£20,000 and Louise will be attending the Lab in June to outline what Channel 4 look for in a trans-format project, as well as taking part once again in the feedback panel in September.
"This is a very special time for the people who are doing these kinds of courses and ensuring that we are all doing digital-first projects and innovating with platforms means that we can stay ahead of the game," said Louise at Transformatlab 2011.

"The participants will learn about new technologies and have the opportunity to find work in a few different industries that are touched on by the projects developed. This course hopefully enthuses and developers the producers, commissioners and editors of the future."

For more information about Channel 4 click here. details about Louise Brown are on the Schedules page of this site.