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Participants in 2014

      Meet the Transformatlab participants for 2014...
      We will update you on the progress of their projects in the news section at each stage of the programme.


Anna Bartoskova - Czech Republic / Ireland

Born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic, Anna “Barto” Bartoskova has lived abroad since she was 17. She studied in the US, Denmark and Spain focusing on business, project management, linguistics and cultural studies. After her graduation from Copenhagen Business School, she joined the Google EU headquarters in Ireland in 2011. Since then, she has worked across various markets, with multiple media houses and with almost all of the Google advertising products from youtube, search and display to apps, social and programmatic platforms. Recently, her main focus has been on designing cross-product audience data driven advertising strategies for some of the biggest UK clients.

She is a frequent visitor of the Irish Film Institute & Dublin Filmbase where she pursued classes in producing as well as transmedia (and has seen too many films :). Thinking about the online publisher side is a natural part of her job and she realizes that the online and offline content and formats are becoming more and more intertwined. And this is exactly where transmedia steps in. Barto considers the Transformat Lab a unique opportunity to immerse herself in the area which fascinates her and she is equally excited to meet all the tutors and other participants.

Fanny Denisse - France

Fanny Denisse is an illustrator based in Paris and very interested in transmedia storytelling.

After graduating with a degree in publishing from Emile Cohl school of Art, she decided to specialize in digital book media. She earned a Master’s Degree -passed with “very good” rating- in 2013 from the university of Aix en Provence in digital picture management and creation. During these years, she implemented and achieved two important projects : her master’s thesis about digital book and a digital magazine entitled The Woman Dressed Up as a Man.

In addition, she had two internships in publishing, one at Gallimard Jeunesse Giboulées and the other one at Crowdbooks publisher, where she took part in different projects such as developing digital books. Today, her purpose is to explore the reading possibilities offered by the transmedia storytelling. She believes that the Transform@lab programme will be a great opportunity to deepen her experience and share ideas about transmedia storytelling with participants from diverse backgrounds and linked by the same passion.

You can see her work here

Guillaume Villeneuve - France

Guillaume works in an animation film production studio.

Passionate about new technologies and interested in changes in actual media cunsumption, he has studied and learnt during all his years of study the creation of digital content on different actual medias: on the web during my technical degree “Network and communication services”, on interactive contents all along hisyear at Marne la Vallée and in the area of animation, cinema and video games during hisbachelor’s degree at Gobelins l’école de l’image.

"Transformatlab will, I am sure, allow me to link all this knowledge and to work in transmédia projects in the future. I also applied for this European programme to learn from people and mentors from different countries and sectors, which will be for sure very enriching."

Krisztina Szucs - Hungary

Krisztina is from Hungary and completed her MA in Graphic Design in 2012 at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Since her graduation she has been working at the Hungarian public broadcast organisation (MTVA) as UI designer and creates television program idents.

During her university years she developed strong interest for data visualization and has been creating visualizations ever since. She won the OECD and the Visualizing Marathon challenges at in 2013 and has collaborated with Moritz Stefaner on projects for the World Economic Forum and the Inter-American Development Bank.
See Krisztina’s work here

Genoveva Petrovits - Hungary


Genovéva Petrovits graduated in 2013 from the one year program at Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris. She has a French literature and philology background, which helps her a lot to understand better the ways how stories are told. During her film production studies, she saw the big potential and challenges in the field of transmedia. For her, European film means independent film industry. She is looking for projects which are about collaborations and long-term story developments. That's why she is glad to follow the Transform@lab during this year. 


Lorene Lescanne - France

After a year at the Gobelins school in Paris where I improved my multimedia education as well as my knowledge in video games creation and animation movies, I worked as a production's assistant in the Dandelooo company and I realized how important those double skills I acquired then were important. Now I would like to improve those competences in the development, the production and the funding of such transmedia programs.

The adaptation of a story world to other purposes showed me the large amount of possibilities the transmedia offers on the creative potential as well as on the transformation and the flexibility of the audiovisual contents. I could then think about  new forms of storytelling and involve audience by producing unique experiences in a multiplatform content.

Attending the Transform@Lab is to me the best way to meet people working in the numerical production who would share my interest in interactive platform creation and development.

This four European masterclass would be a way to share and discover new cultures, skills, professional and personal experiences. I would be thrilled to get more involved in the multiple purposes development for culture and contributed in a efficient way to apply new transmedia technics to cultural broadcasting.

See her profile here

Marie Laure Moisset - France

Marie Laure Moisset worked as an Art Director for several years both in agencies and as a freelancer.

She completed her primary training with a MS in Interactive Digal Experiences at Gobelins school in Paris, and wrote a thesis on Transmedia in France. During her spare time, she is finishing a book on the life and work of her great uncle, Youla Chapoval (1919-1951), a russian famous painter in the 1950’s.

She would like to create a Transmedia project on it. She wanted to take part in the TransformatLab because she wants to meet passionnate, professional, open minded people from all over Europe with the same interest in Transmedia. She loves to travel and speaks french, English, Spanish and is learning Chinese. TransformatLab is just the perfect environment to achieve all of this.

Martina Magri - Italy

After graduating from Sorbonne University (cinema studies and literature), Martina started working as an audiovisual publisher and production manager for the documentary collection Idéale Audience by the homonymous company (she worked on films by Johan Van Der Keuken, Yann Le Masson, Aleksandr Sokourov, Frederick Wiseman).

Later she worked as a movie screenwriter and her project In Italia Sono Tutti Maschi - a Selenium Films production - was among the finalists at the Atelier Farnese in 2011.

Martina now specializes in digital content. She works as a social media manager and digital consultant for several iternational agencies (France, United States, India). She is in charge of a client portfolio that includes clients such as L’Oréal, La Roche-Posay, McCain Italy and many contemporary art galleries, such as Carpenters Workshop Gallery, François Laffanour Galerie Downtown and Applicat-Prazan.

Matyas Kalman - Hungary

Matyas Kalman is a graduate media design student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.

He was working as a video journalist at the biggest Hungarian news portal and produced numerous short documentaries. He also won a Kamera Hungária award with one of his video reports. As a co-founder of the Budapest based VJ Centrum, a community of new media artists, he was involved in the organizing and creation of several media art projects (projection mappings, interactive projections, installations), and had several cooperations with artists from different fields.

He was tutor at DocuArt's media project development workshop 'Strangers in my garden'. With his multiplatform projects in development, he was also selected to the Cross Video Days pitching forum in 2012 and 2013. Currently he is working on the post-production of his first feature-length project, HNY, a collaborative documentary made by 12 crews and 300 participants.

He believes that Transform@Lab will be a a perfect opportunity to learn about multiplatform projects, new and industry trends and extend his international network of young professionals and experts.

His website:

Yasmine Boudiaf - UK

Yasmine Boudiaf is an independent documentary maker as well as a production assistant for an independent production company.

She has a background in biomedical science and uses multi-platform media and inter-disciplinary collaboration to explore cultural, scientific and political themes. Transform@Lab offers the opportunity to examine new ways of storytelling and encourages a progressive attitude in a rapidly changing industry.

“I am convinced that non-traditional formats have the potential to give documentary film makers more creative freedom, financial freedom and the ability to convey stories to audiences with more impact. I have seen difficult subject matter and real characters conveyed through digital media with beauty and integrity”

Participants in 2013

Participants in 2012

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