Participants in 2011

Bella Szederkényi
Nationality: Hungarian

2003 – 2009, Moholy-Nagy University of Arts & Design (MOME) – Visual Communication and Animation.

Experience:  Bella is a MOME Phd student researching online content development.  She is a member of the Hungarian Filmmakers, and has worked as an animation art director. Her 2009 graduate film Orsolya won several awards including the Best International Student Film awards at the Anima Festival, Brussels.  Bella has taken part in the Animation Sans Frontieres International Animation workshop and Erasmus programme in Athens.

Interests: Bella is passionate about animation and online content development, especially the 360 degree content.

Katalin Glaser
Nationality: Hungarian

Education: 2003 – 2009, Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (MOME) - Visual Communication and Animation.

Experience:  Katalin has worked in the teaching department of MOME Visual Studies, and worked on the MOME Movie-Animation and Media Design screening series in 2008.  She took part in an Erasmus programme in 2007, and the Animations Sans Frontieres International Animation workshop in 2010. 

Katalin has won several awards for her short films including the grand prize at the International Artfilm Festival of Szolnok. Since graduation, she has worked as an animator, illustrator and puppet maker, has made a short film for Cartoon Network.

Interests:  Katalin is keen to develop a new project within the Transform@Lab programme, and is keen to investigate new methods of cross-platform development and make new contacts.

See her graduate film here.
Watch the film about her TransformatLab project here.

Jake Hobbs
Nationality:  British

Education: 2006 – 2009, Gloucestershire University, BA Animation & Interactive Media

Experience:  Jake is currently enrolled as an EngD Research Student on the CDE Doctoral programme at Bournemouth University, where he is working at Wonky Films researching the future of multi-platform content delivery and exploring new methods of monetization. He has worked as a freelancer in game design, web design and video production at Wonky Films and for Cheltenham Festival.

Interests:  Jake is looking to generate new skills and insights into the areas that reflect his research in digital media. He is particularly interested in exploring games and app development.

Find out more about Jake here.


Miriam E Lewis
Nationality: Welsh

Education: 2006 – 2010, University of Glamorgan – BA 2D Animation, and HND 2D Animation.

Experience:  Miriam is a freelance 2D artist, concept artist, illustrator and background artist. She has worked for a range of animation and film production companies in the production of animated TV series, shorts, feature films and games design. Miriam was selected for the Skillset Media Academy Wales Post-graduation Facility training scheme, during which she work on a live-action thriller feature, Panic Button, and created a moving logo for Skillset Media Academy Wales. She currently works at Paper Giant Studios generating art and assets for games.

Interests:  Miriam is keen to explore creative games development using 3D art programmes, and to build on experience in creating games for iPod and Facebook.

See Miriam’s portfolio here.


Leyla Pope
Nationality: British

Education: 2009 – 2011, University of Newport – MA Film.  2007-2009, University of Glamorgan, MA Scriptwriting.

Experience: Leyla recently developed an cross-platform project which was accepted by ‘Power to the Pixel’ Cardiff Lab, a week of workshops on digital storytelling.  In April she was selected to direct a short drama to be broadcast on BBC Wales as part of the ‘It’s My Shout’ scheme.  Leyla’s short  film, ‘Bubbles’ was screened at the Lochness Film Festival, and her first student film ‘To Shine’ was screened at the Film Directing 4 Women (FD4W) Film Festival in London.  She was recently selected from over 400 applicants to join the MEDIA funded Script Lab ‘SOS’.

Interests: Leyla aims to explore the production of cross-platform content especially for a European/world-wide audience, Ideally integrating interactivity with audience into all aspects of the project. Her chief areas of interest are linked to roles both as a producer and a writer.


Nick Clackett
Nationality: British

Experience:  Nick is a freelance Animator, storyboard artist and character designer, frequently working most notably with Nickelodeon. Previous clients have included Virgin, Calon and MTV.  He recently completed a two week ‘Acting for Animators’ course in Norway and has recently completed a six-month project as a Flash animator for an e-learning company.  Nick’s graduate film ‘Another Last Case’ was screened at Glastonbury 2010, and was nominated for several awards.

Interests: Nick is interested in collaborating with producers, games artists and illustrators to produce cross-platform content, combining traditional and methods of animation with his love for scriptwriting.

See more of Nick’s work here.


Richard Blades
Nationality: British

Education:  2007 – 2010, University of Wales Newport, MA Animation and MFA Animation.

Experience:  Richard has completed an MFA in animation, specializing in stop-motion. He has produced educational and corporate films for several public sector organisations including Birmingham National Sealife Centre. Richard has also worked as an animation teacher for primary and secondary children as part of the First Campus project.

Interests: Richard aims to explore the areas of transmedia income generation and financing, as well as writing for multiplatform mediums. 

Find out more about Richard here.

Chiara Carbonara
Nationality: Italian

Education: 2008-2010, University of Wales Newport, MA Film.  2004-2007, Accademia Dell’Immagine, L’Aquila.

Experience: Chiara has just finished an MA in Film, at Newport University where she focused on working as a producer. She also specialised in production department and directing during her BA Film degree in Italy.  Chiara has a wealth of practical experience in directing and camera, as well as a keen interest in VFX.  Her documentary film ‘Onna ‘44’ was awarded first prize at the Historic Documentary Festival, Rome.  Chiara recently took part in the high-profile Pixel Lab, a cross-platform media workshop.

Interests: Chiara is interested in the expanding world of multiplatform content, looking to master the latest skills in production and storytelling.

Find out about Chiara’s production company here.


Francois Klein
Nationality: French

Education: 2009-2010, Gobelins, L’Ecole de L’Image – BA Video & Animation Producution.

Experience: Francois undertook an apprenticeship at France 24 and KTOTV, two French TV channels, where he gained valuable experience in production management.  He acquired good technical knowledge of video and internet broadcasting systems. Recently, Francois has worked at graphic design studio Machine Molle as a production officer on the preparation of a 3D animated TV series.  He has also completed a week of professional training in stereoscopic 3D production, from script to screen.

Interests: Francois is particularly interested in digital technologies. As a producer he is keen to learn new methods of communication in the emerging multiplatform market.